Apprised is not just a social proof platform , it is much more than that. It is a complete suite which can help you increase conversions and engagement on your site. 

Apprised already had 14 different notifications but we are always working to improve Apprised to make it best all in one platform for increasing conversions and engagement on your site. 

We are really happy to announce that we have some huge updates for Apprised users, here is the list of updates.


  1. WordPress Plugin
  2. Zapier Integration
  3. Screen Take Over 
  4. Welcome Bar
  5. Email Bar
  6. Call To Action Card

1.Wordpress / Woocommerce Plugin

We want to make Apprised integration with any site as easy as possible and for this we are building native plugins where possible. We are happy to announce that WordPress Plugin for Apprised is out of Beta and live now.

You just need to install the plugin and copy your api key to connect your Woocommerce or WordPress website with Apprised.

This Woocommerce Integration will help you to show your recent purchases from your Woocommerce store to create urgency and FOMO in your customers and you can also use this plugin to show tons of other notifications to collect emails and increase your conversions.

2. Zapier Integration

We are very happy to announce that our Zapier Integration is now available by Invite for our customers.

You can now connect Apprised with hundreds of Application through Zapier so possibilities are endless.

Our Zapier Integration is available through public invite only at the moment. Its being reviewed by Zapier team at the moment. 

3. Screen Take Over Notification

We have added Screen Take Over notification and you can start using it right now. 

It takes the whole screen of your visitor or customer and you can push them or encourage them to take an action you want. 

Screen take over is very popular in marketers and some of the big names in industry are  using it.

4. Welcome Bar Notification 

Want to welcome your visitors and customers and encourage them to take an action? Introducing Welcome Bar.

You can now increase your leads,conversions and engagement with Welcome Bar. Many big marketers like Neil Patel are doing it. What’s stopping you for doing it?

It is very easy to setup with Apprised and takes less than 5 minutes to setup.

5. Email Collection Bar 

Do you want to collect email but hate Pop Ups? Let us Introduce Email Collection Bar. 

Email bar helps you to collect emails and grow your email list without annoying your visitors and customers. 

It is very easy to setup and you can show it on Top or bottom of the screen to collect emails from your customers. 

6. Call To Action Notification

Want to onboard your customers or lead them to your Landing page?

You can now show call to actions on your website to drive traffic to a page or guiding your users to take some action. 

Just like other notifications it is very easy to setup and you can get started in minutes.


We have many other features under development right now and we can’t wait to release and share them with you.

Our Shopify app is also under review by Shopify team and once that is complete, you will be able to use Apprised on Shopify stores easily .

We love getting feedback from our customers , in fact all of these features have been developed after the feedback from our customers.So, we would love to get feedback from you. 

If you have any questions we are just an email away and our team is available on live chat any time you need us.